Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy 13th!!

My sweet, loving, smart, funny boy is THIRTEEN! Time has flown, I tell you. It's hard for me to believe it's been 13 years since this boy was born.

Look at those LEGS! Oh my, the squish of this kid.

This weekend, we did our 2nd annual trip to Williamsburg so Smith and my brother could run the Run for the Dream 8k, then off to Busch Gardens. It was a great day, except I missed him coming into the stadium AGAIN. It seems to be my thing. Sorry, buddy.

He beat his time last year by 5 minutes - without training! So awesome, I am so proud! Running is not my thing, but I'm glad he enjoys it and gets something out of it. The park was fun! The kids did Apollo's Chariot 5 times. We did it with them 3 times. It was Tate's first year of being tall enough. David was really pukey - he had two Monster drinks and a soft pretzel before the rides, and almost lost it - even on the water raft ride! The kids were terrified of him getting sick, more than any fear of any ride! Very funny.

Smith's actual birthday was the day we drove home - we hit IHOP, then the road. Williamsburg has IHOP, National House of Pancakes, and Astronomical House of Pancakes. Definitely a sense of humor. We rounded out the day with XBox time for him, and Cold Stone for dessert. It was a good day. 


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