Friday, January 31, 2014

Off my needles (and hooks)

It's been a fairly productive January - we've had some cold, LOTS of snow days, and I've had a little more time to enjoy sitting in the evening with David, and knitting. Not David. He doesn't knit.

One of my favorite yarns that I bought in Rhinebeck was finally put to good use. I found this pattern, and it just looked like it was meant to be. I love it! And the varied hues of the blues in the yarn just make me so happy, and the yarn even still smells like sheep. In a good way.

I also got green and blue flecky yarn and made these Toasty wrist warmers. David thinks I look like a homeless person when I wear these. Perhaps...but an AWESOME homeless person.

My friend Tara and I, went to a Sip and Sew (& Knit) at a local coffee shop a while back - in early January. Seems like ages ago. It was really fun, and we made mug warmers! Another ridiculous thing to cover coffee vessels, but it makes me very happy. I love the natural colors of this - we could choose purple or green or this, and Tara made a green one which was gorgeous. I suppose I needed a little neutral in my life :-)

Awesome leaf pattern on my yummy latte at the knitting place

My friend Jane wanted me to make a hat like the one I made myself, but with a PINK flower. I hadn't made one of these flowers before, and I actually only half made it, but I loved how it turned out without all the extra stuff on it.

I have a few wants on my list now. I'm working on a small crochet project that is just about done, and I want to try a sweater. I like this one, and this one. We'll see...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Domo the Pup!

Well, we got him! Domo, the loving, sweet, biting, spastic, adorable puppy. All 4 of us are in love. He attacks your feet as you walk past, then he snuggles in your lap and goes to sleep. The kids are super crazy about him, walking him, taking care of accidents in the house, playing with him. It's fun, and EXHAUSTING, having a pup.

Spud is slowly starting to approve - for the last three days, he's initiated play out back, nipping Domo and then running off, wagging and ready to pounce. Last night was the first time he's wanted to play inside the house - typically it's been Domo walking by Spud and Spud growling. We're getting there...slowly but surely.

At the breeder, Tate surrounded by Yorkies. She is apparently a Yorkie whisperer. 
You can't quite tell, but she had four on her lap in this picture.


This is his mole picture.

Settling in nicely - guess he feels safe!

Into and ON everything!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Texas and NO SCHOOL

(Very) shortly after the New Year, David and I were off to Austin, Texas. We have an annual conference in early January every year, this time in Austin. I'd never been before - I'm not sure I can say I've really been now, as we mostly saw the inside of the hotel! We did get two nice dinners out (Italian and Tex-Mex with some DELICIOUS prickly pear margaritas), and a walk down 6th Avenue in the evening, with all the bouncers begging us to come in by offering us free shots, delicious Long Island Iced Teas, etc.

Coolest vacuum EVER

6th Avenue/Street, whatever, the "cool" part of Austin

The meeting is exhausting - long hours (6am-7pm), standing on your feet, etc. My niece came, too, and worked the desk with us. She and I flew home together on Sunday evening. Well, it was barely Sunday evening by the time the plane got there. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5pm, but with crazy weather in New England several days before, the whole country was in an uproar with flying. We stood in a very long line at ticketing where we tried to figure out what the heck was going on with a crazy mural - really weird stuff. Our 5pm flight finally arrived and was ready for us by 11pm, getting us back home by 3am. What a day! But Cassidy and I know how to have fun in any situation, so it was not bad at all. Nothing is bad when I'm with her!

What is he throwing? And why? And is she trying to stop him or be part of it? 

Kissable armadillo

Very, very tired, but finally on the plane.

Getting home, we had record cold days, so school was cancelled Monday and Tuesday. I was EXHAUSTED. My ramp up to busy-ness starts in late October, and so by the time this meeting was over, I needed a break. Tate was so sweet and made us all breakfast. And lunch. We went to the park and walked on the ice. It was good.

She even cut bendy straws so they would fit in the tiny fancy glasses.

Our lunch menu :-)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Roller skating, PUPPY PICKING, puddle stomping, New Year's Eve, snow. 
What a way to end 2013!!

We are picking up our newest addition to the family this Saturday. A new BULLDOG!!! His name is Domo, and boy he is a cutie. He wanted to be in our laps, snuggling, sleeping, playing, eating our zippers, wanting to be on us. In fact, when we were about to leave, he left his brother, mother and aunt and raced (while tripping over his giant paws) to us at our car for one more goodbye! We left him there for another two weeks to get more growing in, and because we were away in Texas. So meanwhile, David and I alternate between JOY and TERROR with having a new puppy in the house - the kids are all JOY. 

Ohhhh - look at that FACE!!!

New Year's Eve, we did our typical. Smith and David make their own sushi and Tate and I make calzones. Yum! They didn't even bother to cut the sushi into rolls this time, but just ate them as sushi sticks. Midnight couldn't come fast enough if you ask me - I was tired. It was nice snuggling with my people and watching terrible tv. But we made it! We waited until the ball dropped, and it was fun counting down as LOUD AS WE COULD and hugging and kissing into the New Year.

The Thursday after New Year's we had an unexpected snow storm. Well, we expected snow, but around 1", not the 5" we actually got. It was so pretty!!

2013 was a good year. I think if I were to work out how I want things to be different or the same in 2014, I would work on trying to do less. Making the things I do agree to matter more. Like the holidays (still so fresh!) - it is such a busy time for me for work, and to add all the extra stuff just makes it so complicated and intense. I'd like to think of different ways to make that time better. Maybe doing more earlier so December is ONLY about the joy part and little about the purchasing part. Easy to say, but I imagine it's going to be the same anyway!

I have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot to appreciate when I see the last 12 months of pictures. Two kids that are happy and healthy, a solid marriage, adventures, laughter, friendships. Not sure there is a whole lot to change.