Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sodom and Gonorrhea

We are not a particularly religious family, but I want the kids to understand religion, be respectful of anyone's choices, and to understand and know about the traditions of the various religions. Smith and I read "Stories from Adam and Eve to Ezekiel: Retold from the Bible" and it was a great resource of moral stories that most people know.

I suggested to the two of them that we go over them again this summer, and Smith protested, saying he remembered a bunch of them already. So I asked about Noah's ark, and Lot's wife, and he said, "Wasn't Lot's wife the one in the town of Gonorrhea, where his wife turned into a pillar of salt?" We about died laughing. He said, Wait, that's an STD. Then we had to tell Tate what was so funny - we made up some town that had a disease of too much gas. She understood then why we were laughing.

Of course, in true Smith fashion, he then told me more about the story than I remember, so he's off the hook. Kid has some amazing memory.

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