Thursday, January 5, 2012


I found some great book ideas on Pioneer Woman the other day - so the kids and I started "Half Magic". It's been fantastic so far - Smith tried it himself and wasn't so into it, but I find that if I read a chapter out loud, he's hooked. I read them 2 chapters, and he did one more out loud for Tate last night before bed - and it was all he could talk about this morning.

That and his shoes. How is it you can lose a shoe in such a small house?? One shoe. He tried an older pair of boots and didn't understand why they were so hard to put on until I told him they were 2 sizes too small. Good thing Amvets is coming today - just from this morning alone we have a pair of jeans and boots that were failures!

Freezing here today, literally. Yesterday's high was 35 I believe, started out 16 degrees at the bus stop. Good time for hot chocolate!! with marshmallows!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am not one to have New Year's Resolutions, start a diet plan, make off with new habits. I like the idea of a clean slate, but know myself well enough to know I won't end up sticking with lofty goals that don't seem to fit in the "normal" scheme of things.


I am asking a general request of myself this year - a simple concept, but earth shatteringly world changing. I am asking myself for balance. I would like to simply enjoy the present more, knowing that with enjoying the present often comes organization for the future. I would like to be. Enjoy my children when I'm with them, be productive at the work when working, clean efficiently when cleaning, exercise with passion when exercising. 

I find that I am often elsewhere wherever I happen to be. 

I think this is a lifestyle change, a new mindset, but I hesitate to call it a Resolution. I just know that being overwhelmingly busy and screwing everything up is not a happy place, and I don't want to hang out there any more. I have found through this full time work experience that I have a husband who is willing and able to pitch in if I ask (and even if I don't), and that a lot of the time, it's about me not necessarily wanting to let go of the control. Slow and steady wins the race. Balance.

Here goes, 2012!