Monday, June 9, 2014

Crocheted XBox controllers and pretty purple cardigans

Smith just had his birthday, and I was a bit late on his "homemade" present, but it's done! I like to make something for the kids on their birthdays, whether it's an Octopus hat, or Minecraft coasters. Smith is obviously harder, as he is a boy and doesn't want hats and sweaters and scarves so much. So, I made him this:

David officially thinks I am a freak.

In other news, I've started this beautiful cardigan, and am so excited over my progress. I was nervous to begin it, but it's been a breeze so far! My first sweater. Hopefully this fits better than my first Fat Albert hats.

Summer break starts this Friday at 3:30 pm. Here is a shot of our last day of school last year. 

Can't wait for this year end. It's time, we need a break from all this schedule! 

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