Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Childhood and parenting

Love this post:

So much of what I've been thinking about lately. Sometimes when I am doing things with the kids, I wonder what, if anything, they will remember of what we are doing. And it's okay if they don't remember -because somewhere in their collective growing up, this "whatever" will be tucked away, as a memory or a stepping stone to helping them become who they will be. Every meal out, every trip to the museum, every adventure, every book read will become part of who they are.

I certainly do not remember every trip I went on, every memory that I'm sure my parents would wish I would remember, but I do know that I love to travel, love adventures, love picnics, love books - and every one of those things we did as a family in my household growing up. We ate dinner together almost every night. We talked. We enjoyed each other.

We do that now in our household, and I hope some day my children will carry on these things with their children, and somewhere in the deep (or not so deep!) recesses of their brain, they'll make a note of a spark of happiness in their childhood.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I tried to teach my child with books, He gave me only puzzled looks. I tried to teach my child with words, They passed him by often unheard. Despairingly I turned aside, How shall I teach this child, I cried. Into my hands he put the key, “Come”, he said, “play with me!” 
-Author Unknown

A reminder to me to put away this laptop, the phone, the distractions and DO with my child. Play, Run, Tickle, Create, LISTEN. That last one is one that gives me the most trouble - to listen. To really sit down, focus, and listen, to whatever they are choosing to share with me.

Smith's piano recital - this was "Tarantella" and he did a FABULOUS job if I say so myself! He's only been playing since October 2010!

Soccer party for the Silver team, bunch of Huck Finn's. We had a major rain where we stood holding metal tent poles during lightening (?!?!), then there was all this gooey, wonderful mud for the kids to revel in. I had to throw away Tate's shorts, they were so bad!

Smith was sad about possibly going to Hershey Park instead of Great Wolf Lodge, so Tate drew these pictures for him and slid them under his door. The first one is a picture of her giving him a hug - the arms drawn like that represent her hug, and the second is him with tears. She did these all by herself, so sweet. To put things into perspective, he is not a spoiled, entitled child, but so tired and ready for the end of school, soccer, responsibility. He went briefly insane. But that sibling love - isn't it the sweetest??

Last day of school party!! We did a water balloon toss - the weather held and it was delightful outside! Woohoo, no more classes, no more books! No more teacher's dirty looks! We're done for summer!!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Pictures a day! We've been on it! I've even handed over my camera to my budding photographer - she took some good pictures, and it is so interesting to see the world through her eyes.

Smith, on "Crazy Hair Pajama Day". His hair could not have been more stiff - we used a palm full of gel:

Tate pictures at the garden - I'm impressed by the first one, the artistic shot. She really can take some good pictures. The second one, I liked because of her foot in the shot - a common Tate element. Love that girl.

Grammy's visit - a hot, hot, hot June weekend watching soccer. Tate and Smith are thrilled to have her here.

Visiting the garden for weeding and watering - the kids and Grammy threw a ball around (NO SOCCER for now - phew!). 4 of my 6 tomato plants have green tomatoes now! Yahoo!! I keep forgetting to bring my sweet small pumpkin seeds. I think we missed the snap pea window - gotta pull up those babies and put something else in. I think we'll be by Bluemont soon because 5 of David's 15 pepper plants did not make it. Dill, pumpkins - that should do it for me. The carrots, cukes, tomatoes, basil and parsley are all doing great!  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So much for a picture a day! Seven days in and I've failed. I never quite got around to even taking one yesterday, which is a shame, as I had a couple kids over, we went to the garden, all sorts of stuff. 

Today was Tate's gymnastics "Awards Ceremony" - the parents were invited to sit on chairs within the gym, and they did a full, normal class that we could see and hear. Tate did great! At the end they had a ceremony where the kids got medals and got to stand in the first position - winners, all!

Today was Smith's field day at school. He had lots of fun but it was HOT outside. He was stung by a bee on Monday and is having not only an allergic reaction but a secondary infection - scary. He is now on Benadryl and high octane antibiotics to stop the swelling which started at his wrist and now goes to his elbow. I warned him that I just may wake him midway through the night to do a swelling check...

I am so ready for school to be over and our summer ahead of us! Only a few more days...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday, June 4

We celebrated Smith's birthday with Mema and Dodaddy tonight - met up in Frederick at his choice, TGIFridays. They sang (I think he was a little embarrassed, but it was fun to watch!)

Tate had her last soccer game of the season today, too - here we all are. These are the three helpers/ball shaggers: 

And the team! 

Photo a day

Well, I had a goal to post one photo a day from June 1-September 1. I've taken one photo a day since then (easy since Smith's birthday was the 1st!) but have not posted. 

So I'm catching up here. There may be days with many more than one, but I'm working on a habit here!

June 2nd:

Kite joy! Wind wasn't great, but that didn't deter the Mighty Bean.

June 3rd: 

Shoe love! His Mema just gave him a new pair of Keens. Happiness.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My sweet (baby) boy!

He's 10! TEN! Ten.

Ten years ago today, David and I had this beautiful boy. He was then, and most certainly is now, everything we could have ever hoped for in a son - warm, thoughtful (in both senses!), kind, beautiful, smart, fun, funny, flexible, EASY. His patience and love for his sister is a beautiful thing to watch. It's not even patience - it's just, them. She asks a question, he answers it fully and helpfully, and is sure she gets it. He loves to read, to draw, to play the Wii, to play soccer, be outdoors, play piano. He's friendly and kind to "the little guy".

We celebrated the day with jammy scones for breakfast, the opening of gifts, lunch at Chipotle, visit to Border's for the entire Artemis Fowl series, soccer, the release of ladybugs at the garden, then Cold Stone! Mmmm. Great day, Smith was HAPPY which he deserves.

He makes me proud every day. I'm proud to be his mom, to share this life with him, to walk alongside him and see what he sees. I am lucky indeed.