Sunday, February 23, 2014


Tate's school changed things around a bit, and are now doing a 2nd grade play. She got a special part - auditioned, and was a RAPtor. The kids were adorable. They did a great job. It's amazing seeing that many 7 and 8 year olds remember their lines and do what they're supposed to do.

I was so proud of Tate. She knew all the lines of the whole play, not just hers. She was excited, hardly nervous, READY to perform. The best part was at the end, when she and the two other RAPtors got tangled up in their snouts. I've been singing the songs for several days now!

Dwindling snow and oncoming SPRING!

It feels like SPRING is here. We've had a glorious week of SUN and WARMTH and SNOWMELT and very very soggy lawns. Mud prints in the house. It's okay, though, as the sunshine makes it all okay. (I'm ignoring the Tuesday forecast of more snow.)

Today it sounded like Hilton Head outside. Birds chirping. I love snow, but am ready for green and birds and flower shoots.

Here are some highlights of the last week or so.

Last snow sledding of the season (please?!?)

Finishing up Tate's Valentines. We had a little more time to work on them with the snowdays. Valentine, you're POMtastic!

Mt. Domo

Cute son and dog shot

Domo with his Magic Carrot. My grandmom (GG) gave this to him, and he LOVES it.

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!! Woohoo! Girls sold 118 cookies in 2 hours, outside a craft shop. It was a gorgeous 60 degrees.

This is my niece, about to do a performance. Doesn't she look like a 40s movie star? She's on the right, with the gloves on her bottom...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

Well we got it - 15"++. They were right! Snow started about 7pm on Wednesday, and didn't let up for a long time. After it settled down for a bit, we got MORE. School was cancelled, and we are now in the midst of a 5 day weekend (President's Day on Monday!). So far so good - days 10 and 11 for school closings this year.

Tate is touching the top of a ruler!

Family walk to 7-11

Snow seats

Last week

Before I head on into the Snowpocolypse, here are some scenes from last week. With the ice being heavy, we ventured out to the indoor pool for some swimming (not me, I don't care for the pool so much. I think I like going to the pool even far less in the winter, thinking about going outside with wet hair...). Tate loved it, though!

David headed out of town for work, and we made jammy scones (YUM! This is a recipe from Smith's preschool - it was a co-op and they had the kids bake or make food once a week at age 2. This was a standout favorite!) We also made salt dough hearts for Tate's class to paint for their Valentine's Party. And more mug cakes. 

We went to see the Lego movie, which was very cute! It was slow in some parts, but overall I really liked it. Kids did, too. It was packed! Second day in the theater...

Sunday was cold and snowy. Smith still had soccer practice outdoors. They both had friends over, which was fun for them. And they trampolined! CRAZY cold outside. It was a good weekend - lots of activity, lots of lazing about. Good stuff.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Another day off school. So far so good - I've made pancakes. Kit Kitteridge is on, and we have a Laura Ingalls program at the library to go to later. I see reading and french horn and spelling words in our future.

The other day, while we still had a little snow, Tate made a little snow diorama. The best part was that she duct taped a leaf onto a stick.

Gratuitous dog shot:

Onto the ice - we have seen lots of weather this year, for sure. I love the icicles. More is possibly headed our way - what a winter!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Smith went on his first ever ski trip with his school Friday and he loved it! He will be going several more times, and we hope to go as a family sometime soon. We certainly have the conditions for it!

Tate's school had their bingo night. Tate got bingo! This was choice number 1, then she switched it later in the night, then regretted her second choice. Ah, 7. Funny thing was that Smith won bingo when he was about 7, and got a Black Lagoon book, too! Choices were purely theirs. She ended up with one of those awful Rainbow Fairy books - luckily she reads them to herself, as they are just terrible.

We saw my parents this weekend; they hadn't met Domo yet, and wanted to meet him before he left puppyhood. He was awesome, as usual. He is so sweet - so friendly, loves humans. We took the ferry to meet them. It was the first day it was open since all the recent cold weather - the ice along the shore was so pretty. 

And then, this. Puppies driving are just not safe. Yes, he looks like he has a handle on it, but he's only 4 months old! He isn't Toonces, after all.

Snow Days!

Lots of snow in these here parts. The kids ended up having a week (A WEEK) off of school due to this one. We ended up with about 5-6"which causes a lot of ice and heartache around here. And, sadly, it was too cold to sled. Except for the first day, when it started snowing. We went, and lasted maybe 30 minutes. The snow was going horizontally. COLD!!

After the whole week was called off, we tried to figure out things to do. I went to work one day (was really nice to get my head into another gear), and a friend and I went to Air & Space another day to let the kids run around. It was empty! We had the whole place almost to ourselves. Apparently all the kids in the county went roller skating (which was another option).

More snow is in our forecast. Lots.

Smith's negotiations need some honing, as he finished the driveway and THEN asked for payment.

Pup of the Mountain

Peacefully (for now) cohabitating

Yummy "mug cupcakes" that the kids make. Good on a cold day.

Space shuttle

One of the boys called this an American Girl doll. Hilarious. 
It was actually a creepy replica of Charles Lindbergh.