Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sharks and kindness

My prolific artist Tate watched "Soul Surfer" many many times (gotta love that public library dvd collection!) and has obviously been thinking about her. She drew her the picture below that she would like me to send along to Bethany - it shows her with one arm, a shark, bites out of the surfboard, and best yet, Tate wearing a shirt that has a bitten surfboard on it. David and I were crying we were laughing so hard (luckily not in front of Tate for that part). Very sweet, dear of her to draw something like this for this girl Bethany...and hysterical all at the same time. 

It was a great movie, by the way - fine for her age up to mine and beyond. I have a friend who's 6 year old son thought she was searching for her missing arm in the ocean, and Tate's big question to me was "Mommy, will she grow another arm back?" 

In other news, Tate has become a soccer phenom, and Smith is thoroughly enjoying helping coach her during her games. Odd to say, but that boy is going to be a great father some day. Love him. We raced around the park tonight - the 4 of us and Spuddy - good times. We play "battle ball" where you try and kick the ball as hard as you can at each other. I miss EVERY TIME but have gotten good at tackling the kids so they can't kick at me any more. David's aim is legendary.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boys vs girls

Intuitive Smith - he was listening to me talk to David at Chic-fil-A tonight (spirit night for our school!) about how I don't like when people say "I don't have time to..." read, knit, golf, see a movie, etc. I see it as you make time for what you want to do - a better way to say it would be "I don't enjoy reading, but watch tv at night instead," or WHATEVER it is you do during down time. Everyone is busy, but we all have decompression time here and there - a few minutes before bed, while the kids are at school, at 5am before the house wakes up. Anyway, David does not understand why this "I don't have time to..." statement makes me so crazy, so I was arguing my point. Smith finally says, "you know, the difference with boys and girls are that girls misinterpret what you're saying. Tate sometimes gets mad at me for saying something that I didn't mean at all." WOW! My 10 year old has figured out Mars vs. Venus! He finished it up by saying he likes the way he thinks, better. Well then.

My point, by the way, is that you CHOOSE to do what is appealing to you - maybe you don't have TIME to read because you watch an hour of tv every night. But it isn't really about time management, it's about choices. Am I being ridiculous? Is it me? Always makes me think of this skit from SNL.

Tate photobomb - David thinks we should make an album of them. She inserts herself in many, many photos.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Shout out to Smith, who lets his little sister take over his room with stuffed animals, play food, dolls, dress up outfits, etc, etc, etc (etc, etc). He's a trooper, and a GOOD big brother.

Then, of course, I see this photo, which is Smith leading Tate (with a giant lawn bag over her body) to the fence where he walks her directly INTO the fence. Still a good big brother, but you gotta keep those little sisters on their toes, right?

Mother's Day kayaking - we had hoped the ferry was renting out canoes, but no avail. Their website is circa 2001...little to no information, just saying canoes were renting from May-September. Not so much. But Tate and I had a surprise parking lot visit from my mom and dad (Happy Mother's Day!) and it was a beautiful day to be outside.

After 3 unexpected "wet exits", he was still smiling! Lots of fun.

Pretty horses eating a field of buttercups. So pretty.