Monday, June 30, 2014

Soccer weekending

Tate had a fun tournament this weekend - the scores didn't matter, it wasn't through her league, just fun. And we were close to home, with a 2.5 hour window between their 3rd and 4th game, so we came back to our neighborhood pool! Some of the girls are on her travel team, some are friends from academy before. Six good kids, families, and a lot of fun. They won two and lost two, and had a blast.

The Poison Ivies - their shirt says "Don't Touch Me!"

Coach twins

A great day for soccer!

2nd week of summer

Well so now two weeks have almost gone by! It's been eventful - good stuff. The first week was mostly a lazy one, pool time, friends, crafts. The kids came to the office, we laughed, we cried.

The second week was a Girl Scout Camp for Tate, and Smith went with my parents to Harper's Ferry to hear a tour about John Brown, and to watch the USA/Germany game. On to week 3 of summer!

Smith is the tiny speck of orange in the distance. He started running with Domo, but it didn't last long!

Swaps - a family affair.

Girl Scout swaps. I hate them.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Habanero Jelly

Smith loves habanero jelly and peanut butter sandwiches. I made it for the first time (the jelly) a couple years ago, with our own homegrown habanero pepper, red bell peppers, carrots, and gelatin. Just kidding, we didn't grow gelatin.

This time, supermarket all the way with the ingredients. And still delicious! I told him he had to make it with me, and we had a great time. Although I noticed he wasn't around for the super sticky part.

Success! We still have a couple jars left. My favorite is putting them on a Club cracker with some cream cheese, yum.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sodom and Gonorrhea

We are not a particularly religious family, but I want the kids to understand religion, be respectful of anyone's choices, and to understand and know about the traditions of the various religions. Smith and I read "Stories from Adam and Eve to Ezekiel: Retold from the Bible" and it was a great resource of moral stories that most people know.

I suggested to the two of them that we go over them again this summer, and Smith protested, saying he remembered a bunch of them already. So I asked about Noah's ark, and Lot's wife, and he said, "Wasn't Lot's wife the one in the town of Gonorrhea, where his wife turned into a pillar of salt?" We about died laughing. He said, Wait, that's an STD. Then we had to tell Tate what was so funny - we made up some town that had a disease of too much gas. She understood then why we were laughing.

Of course, in true Smith fashion, he then told me more about the story than I remember, so he's off the hook. Kid has some amazing memory.

What kind of mom am I

Tate asked me the other day how I thought I would be as a mom when I was a kid. What kind of mom I would be, would I let my kids eat a bunch of junk food, that kind of thing.

I thought about it, and said that I thought I wanted to stay home with my kids (I mostly do), be adventurous with trips and things (I mostly am), really talk with them (I mostly do), know their friends and what is going on with their lives (I definitely do). I realized, without having thought about it before, that I've kinda nailed it. A good feeling. 

So the next day, I asked her what her thoughts were on what kind of mom she thought she would be. So she said, "pretty much like you. But no arthritis, and I would have a MUCH better job!"

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's only just begun...

Day one of summer break.

Yesterday, I went to Tate's school party, ice cream in the pod, going through each classroom to do a fun thing. It was thundering outside, so they had to come up with indoor activities. It was fun! Afterwards, I picked up Smith and two friends from the Middle School, and we all went to Sweet Frog. I love this tradition with friends! We pooled it after that for a bit, before the next storm moved in.

During the storm, but with no thunder, the kids plus friends jumped on the trampoline and got SOAKED.

Today was a benefit 1mile run for Team Mathias - a boy we know who is battling osteosarcoma. Today is his 13th birthday. Tate and her friend ran the run, got balloon animals, shivered in the cool windy air.

Then at home, did this after some trampolining. Why??

Afterwards, Tate and I went to see some condos for my mother-in-law, who we hope will be moving here towards the end of July. Tate's highlight, for sure, was the golf cart we rode around in! She also loved the units, and I think is very excited for Grammy to live nearby.

Day one of break hasn't been so bad, but I tell you - these kids better start picking up after themselves. If today is any indication, none of the three of us are going to be too happy going forward. Lounging about but left dirty napkins on the table? Get in the kitchen. Now. Left your sweatshirt on the table? Now. Empty box of tissues? RECYCLE. Mama ain't going for this. I imagine my harping on them will turn this around rather quickly.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Crocheted XBox controllers and pretty purple cardigans

Smith just had his birthday, and I was a bit late on his "homemade" present, but it's done! I like to make something for the kids on their birthdays, whether it's an Octopus hat, or Minecraft coasters. Smith is obviously harder, as he is a boy and doesn't want hats and sweaters and scarves so much. So, I made him this:

David officially thinks I am a freak.

In other news, I've started this beautiful cardigan, and am so excited over my progress. I was nervous to begin it, but it's been a breeze so far! My first sweater. Hopefully this fits better than my first Fat Albert hats.

Summer break starts this Friday at 3:30 pm. Here is a shot of our last day of school last year. 

Can't wait for this year end. It's time, we need a break from all this schedule! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy 13th!!

My sweet, loving, smart, funny boy is THIRTEEN! Time has flown, I tell you. It's hard for me to believe it's been 13 years since this boy was born.

Look at those LEGS! Oh my, the squish of this kid.

This weekend, we did our 2nd annual trip to Williamsburg so Smith and my brother could run the Run for the Dream 8k, then off to Busch Gardens. It was a great day, except I missed him coming into the stadium AGAIN. It seems to be my thing. Sorry, buddy.

He beat his time last year by 5 minutes - without training! So awesome, I am so proud! Running is not my thing, but I'm glad he enjoys it and gets something out of it. The park was fun! The kids did Apollo's Chariot 5 times. We did it with them 3 times. It was Tate's first year of being tall enough. David was really pukey - he had two Monster drinks and a soft pretzel before the rides, and almost lost it - even on the water raft ride! The kids were terrified of him getting sick, more than any fear of any ride! Very funny.

Smith's actual birthday was the day we drove home - we hit IHOP, then the road. Williamsburg has IHOP, National House of Pancakes, and Astronomical House of Pancakes. Definitely a sense of humor. We rounded out the day with XBox time for him, and Cold Stone for dessert. It was a good day.