Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What kind of mom am I

Tate asked me the other day how I thought I would be as a mom when I was a kid. What kind of mom I would be, would I let my kids eat a bunch of junk food, that kind of thing.

I thought about it, and said that I thought I wanted to stay home with my kids (I mostly do), be adventurous with trips and things (I mostly am), really talk with them (I mostly do), know their friends and what is going on with their lives (I definitely do). I realized, without having thought about it before, that I've kinda nailed it. A good feeling. 

So the next day, I asked her what her thoughts were on what kind of mom she thought she would be. So she said, "pretty much like you. But no arthritis, and I would have a MUCH better job!"

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