Thursday, October 25, 2012

Working Hard

We just got back from a business trip in Hilton Head. Not a bad place to work! David had meetings, and I got to hang out with the spouses. This group is just a whole lot of fun people - very easy to get along with, very fun, very EASY.

So during "work," we went on a tour for the Gullah people, a bike ride along the beach, seeing a manatee at the boat dock, a cruise where we saw an eagle, diving for fish that about 10 dolphins were kicking up out of the water, many (too many) rich meals.

Fall beach trip, check. Halloween - working on it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Happenings

David and I started a cleanse on Monday - it's a 10 day affair, taking out caffeine, sugar (except natural sugar like maple syrup and raw honey), gluten, alcohol and land meat. I am a major sugar addict, but I have to say - I am not craving anything right now! My normal cravings for junk is gone - not that I'm craving quinoa or anything....I guess I would say it's temporarily eliminated my cravings. Good stuff, right? We have 4 more days to go. So far I've lost 4 pounds (not the intent but a great side effect), and I hope I am making some good new habits like better meal preparation, less SUGAR, and less dependency on caffeine.

I've been getting into the knitting crochet season. Seems as though cold weather brings it out in me. I've made several little coffee cup "sweaters" as David calls them - easy, quick and gratifying. I made one for my niece in her college colors, another for a dear friend, and an experimental one for me that I think I'm gonna love! I'm also working on some gifts for Christmas - if only I could sit around and watch "Once Upon a Time" all day long and knit, knit, knit. And eat quinoa. 

We did s'mores with my brother and his family (and some neighbors of theirs) a week ago - my beautiful, gorgeous, amazing niece was home from college! It was fun to hang out around the fire pit. My brother made Smith the "fire person in charge" while Tate snuck as many marshmallows as possible. Good times.

Tate had a field trip to the zoo this last week. What a gorgeous day - unbelievably perfect for a zoo trip! We stuck around with one of my dearest friends and DID THE ZOO. Seriously, we saw a representation from each group - a cheetah (big cats), spectacled bear (bears), sea lion (sea mammals). It reminds me that we need to go more often - it's less than an hour away, and it's a full day's worth of activity. The kids were fantastic, too! Ready to walk and see as much as they possibly could. I am reminded on days like these how happy I am that my kids are adventurers and walkers - Tate is ready for action, whenever. Sure, there are MANY days where that works against what we need, but it was a definite bonus on zoo day! And good to move quickly when you see a sign like this: