Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's only just begun...

Day one of summer break.

Yesterday, I went to Tate's school party, ice cream in the pod, going through each classroom to do a fun thing. It was thundering outside, so they had to come up with indoor activities. It was fun! Afterwards, I picked up Smith and two friends from the Middle School, and we all went to Sweet Frog. I love this tradition with friends! We pooled it after that for a bit, before the next storm moved in.

During the storm, but with no thunder, the kids plus friends jumped on the trampoline and got SOAKED.

Today was a benefit 1mile run for Team Mathias - a boy we know who is battling osteosarcoma. Today is his 13th birthday. Tate and her friend ran the run, got balloon animals, shivered in the cool windy air.

Then at home, did this after some trampolining. Why??

Afterwards, Tate and I went to see some condos for my mother-in-law, who we hope will be moving here towards the end of July. Tate's highlight, for sure, was the golf cart we rode around in! She also loved the units, and I think is very excited for Grammy to live nearby.

Day one of break hasn't been so bad, but I tell you - these kids better start picking up after themselves. If today is any indication, none of the three of us are going to be too happy going forward. Lounging about but left dirty napkins on the table? Get in the kitchen. Now. Left your sweatshirt on the table? Now. Empty box of tissues? RECYCLE. Mama ain't going for this. I imagine my harping on them will turn this around rather quickly.

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