Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh my, where have the days gone?

I started working at the office week before last, so I'll blame my lack of posts on that? Okay?? I'm home by 3, so really that's not much of an excuse.

So it snowed here, way early - see the leaves on the hydrangea behind the kids. It was a freak storm - I don't recall ever having snow before Halloween in this area. It was fun, and of course Tate tried to make snow angels! 

We did our pumpkin carving (after the snow but before Halloween) - kids drew their faces on the pumpkin, and David and I took turns carving Tate's. Smith did his all himself. We dried the seeds in our dehydrator and they are YUMMY!

Dilbert and Cheetah Girl. Poor Smith - everyone thought he was Harry Potter. Guess people don't really expect a 10 year old to be Dilbert.

At our town's parade. It was a gorgeous night!

And oh my, the loot.

Tonight we celebrated my grandmom's 93rd birthday with her favorites - split pea soup, and salty Virginia ham and cheese sandwiches, yum. I just may drink a gallon of water through the night. It was a great day, gorgeous weather, great family time, soccer win from Smith's team. Good day.