Monday, September 22, 2014

What's in a week?

Quick check of my photos shows me that since Saturday, 13 September, a whole lot has been going on over here.

Saturday - Meeting at a math/science school that Smith is going to apply to. Only 60 kids out of 700 get accepted, so it's a loooong shot, but he is interested so we'll see what happens.

Saturday later - Smith, Grammy and I went to Antietam with my cousin, Steve, to see the reenactment of the battle. The battle actually occurred 152 years ago, September 17. It was a drizzly day that ended up being beautiful with great temperatures, and it was really nice to spend the day with Steve, who is a Civil War EXPERT. We hit a yummy creamery for ice cream on the way home.

Grammy's first selfie! She and Smith were cracking up.

Sunday - Taters had a game about 2 hours away. We drove with friends, as Smith and David had a different game that was far away. We won, and it was a pretty day to be outside. Afterwards, the entire team went for ice cream. I love this team! The girls and the parents. Really could not be happier.

Monday - Smith came home not feeling well. Got puppy cuddling, though.

Seriously, this dog.

Thursday - High school football game, and the 8th grade middle school band was invited to work with the HS marching band. Smith played (I can't remember its real name) a french horn/trumpet, or as he called it, a frumpet. It was a beautiful night!

Friday - Elementary Ice Cream Social! No pics as I as co-chair and busy, but it was all outside and fun and a great time with all the kids. Pre-social, we had the kids at the school making a maze for the classroom mouse? Hamster?

Saturday - Brownie meeting and short hike, gymnastics, lunch with my mother-in-law, then dinner at her place. Full and nice day.

Sunday - more soccer (Taters scored both goals!). bake sale with her bff (made $80 - $30 of it was for pediatric cancer research. Go girls!), dog park and then regular park. Gorgeous day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Off my hooks and on my needles

I'm so excited, it looks like I am going to teach a crochet class at Finch, this awesome store near us! They do sewing and knitting and have yarn and fabrics. I am so thrilled.

I made this hat for the class, but it seems they have a lot of people wanting to make hats for their men, so I got some beautiful charcoal gray yarn from Finch to make a "store model". I'm just about done it, but no photos of it yet. Meanwhile, I am keeping this baby for me. Love it.

This beauty is going well. I am so happy with my yarn choice. It's that short sleeve sweater, which was DEFINITELY going to be done by fall so I could wear it, but whatever. Life gets busy. It's a fun project and will look cute in February, too :-)

Now I am on to thinking about what I'm going to make for the holidays! Tara and I have a great plan down, meeting once a week for about an hour to stay "on task" for gifts, knitting/crocheting/having coffee/feeling our pain after a barre class. Good times!

Smith Mountain Lake

One of our favorite places - Smith Mountain Lake. We did our usuals, Sheetz, lots of jet skiing, paddle boating, lake swimming, hammock dozing, ice cream eating. Brett and Kim came, too, which was really nice - Brett did a bunch of swimming with the kids in the lake, too. Kim and I did some hard-core paddle boating :-).

My favorite day/time was when the 4 of us took the pontoon boat to the bottom of the mountain, "parked" it, and spent the next 2+ hours eating lunch, jumping in the lake and back onto the boat again and again, and just having a great time. One time, there was a giant horsefly, and David pushed us all out of the way to jump in first. We kept joking that he was the captain, yet out FIRST. Very funny. 

It was a great end to a great summer. We came home on Monday of Labor Day, and got ourselves ready for the school year!

Apres Sheetz

Lunch and boat time

Riding to Mitchell's

Hammock time!

Smith's first catch of the trip

Extreme Paddle Boating

Guinea Fowl Posse

Homemade beekeeper suit after David got stung from standing on a bee's nest. He got about 15 stings. We found this great worksuit that was my great uncle's, and it was exactly David's size!