Sunday, September 29, 2013

Soccer Weekend

It was a 3 soccer game weekend. Tate had her normal game at 9am on Saturday, Smith had a game in the afternoon and again on Sunday.

Tate's game was fun. I love watching her run and play and get that determined look on her face. And I like how their coaches instruct them the whole time - but all positive stuff. The morning was very cool. Smith and I wrapped up in a picnic blanket, and decided we needed something much softer from now on.

Tate had a birthday party, so I dropped her and a friend off for that. I went to buy bat wing material for her future bat costume, then back home to get ready for Smith's game. His was a bit of a drive away, so off we went.

They did GREAT! They won 2-0 and played beautifully. They are such fun to watch! The evening couldn't have been prettier. There was one huge guy on the field, the other team, but our boys (specifically Smith) weren't bothered - that kind of thing would undo me.

Today, my parents and grandmom came to watch Smith's 2nd weekend game. Score was not so great, but you could tell the other team had some serious chemistry, like they had been playing together a long time. It was another great fall day.

I finished my first turkey hat the other day - will post some pictures soon. It's Smith size. Next up will be Tate's, then mine. Go Turkey!

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