Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Happenings

Some friends of ours that moved to Germany were in town this August, so we saw them a couple times. Once was a pool/park day, and the other was some zoo time. It's one of Tate's first friends here where we live - we started a playgroup of 3 of us that have the same age kids, which is somewhat unusual with a 5 year spread between them. Smith is the only boy of the group, but their eldest is really great, and they both hit it off just like old times. Same with Tate and her friend - love when old friendships need very little encouragement!

We also attended some of the Sunday concerts in town. This is my niece, brother, and grandmom (in background). As if I needed to call out that my grandmom is not participating in the lift.  Niece is a dancer, but brother is not - think he should probably work on his holds. 

Brother's cool bike with a back "seat" - it's called The Lamont, so he calls it the "Big Dummy" after Sanford & Son's "Lamont." Hysterical. Tate loves riding on it.

Winning a prize from the concert - we were with another family, too, and of our 4 kids there, we won 3 of the door prizes for kids! 

Stroll with friends for 7-11 slurpees

Garden bounty (after getting more butternut squash from neighbors/friends, I see some more of that delicious soup in my future!)

2nd visit with Germany friends - at the zoo. 

Next up are some beautiful pictures from a fishing/lunch trip with one of my dad's friends. Lunch was really the main event, but the scenery was gorgeous.

This summer break was 2 weeks longer this year due to the changing of county school schedules - it felt faster, though, but when I look and see all that we actually did do, it was very full!

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