Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paintball Sunday!

Smith's team had no game this Sunday, so they went to play paintball instead!! Tate and I came at the end to eat lunch with them - they ended up having 15 out of 16 boys, and 7 dads. It was a great team togetherness event, and the place even gave them t-shirts - I'm sure they realized this was a lot of boys who could spread the word about their place...

The paintball place is gorgeous, in a remote area. We saw wild turkeys (NOT buzzards), and lots of cows and horses, and it was just the most beautiful day. We ended the day all our Sundays are seeming to go, watching something together on tv and eating dinner on the sofa - this time it was Lazy Susan dinner, with bread, cheeses, salami, avocado, etc, etc. It's kinda fun and different to have a tv night - I remember the tv dinners as a kid, so this is our version. The kids love it. We'll end up watching football and stuff as the season wears on.

Saturday, Tate had her game and she scored 5 goals! Smith was cracking us up because she also had 4 near misses, so every goal she got he would say, "Tate has 3 goals but she could have had 6". It ended with, "Tate scored 5 goals but she could have had 9." We got the trampoline all set up on Saturday and are now just waiting for the net to come in. Tate figured out her flip within an hour. I did a seat jump back into a standing position - go mom!

We should make an album of all Tate's photo bombs

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