Monday, September 16, 2013

Girl Scout Camp - 80s week!

Kids and I spent the week at a day camp for girl scouts. I was the co-dance instructor, Tate was a camp participant, and Smith was an aide. He got to do all the centers, too, like archery, tie dye, etc, while being one of a small group of boys with LOTS of 12+ year old girls. Not too shabby.

The theme was 80s week, as the camp was celebrating their 30th anniversary. My dance partner and I Madonna'd it up with our outfits.

It was a fun and EXHAUSTING week - mental note to self for next year, plan on getting NO paid work done (except urgent emails), figure out what kinds of easy dinners we'll do for the week, and remember how fun but tiring the week is. Worth seeing my kids walking up and down the paths, worth teaching 500+ kids how to Walk Like an Egyptian for an end-of-week flash mob, worth every minute of it!!!

Our studio for the week

Hi girls!

Yeah, that's me!

I'm on the left; we're doing the dance in front of 600 camp participants


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