Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Technically, still just singular Turkey.

I made a hat. It's a turkey. Last year, at the Freeze your Gizzard run, there was a group of people wearing turkey hats, and I thought - YES! We must do this. Smith and Tate were immediately on board, David not so much.

I made the first one, and I made it for me, but it fits Smith best. So this one is his, and next I'll make a smaller one for Tate, and then a larger one for me. Still not one for David. And we aren't even going to wear them to the Freeze your Gizzard run this year because we have either one or two soccer tournaments that weekend, so it will likely conflict. And even if it isn't a time conflict, Smith probably shouldn't run a 5k in the morning of a tournament weekend!

He said he'll wear the hat anyway, maybe at soccer, maybe to school. I know I can get Tate to wear it. If nothing else, we can wear it when we head up to see Grammy for Thanksgiving. And who says turkey hats are only for Thanksgiving time?

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