Monday, September 16, 2013

Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

Kids and I went with my mom and dad to Boiling Springs, PA, in mid-August. My dad's dear friend lives about 45 minutes in the other direction - so we met him there for some fly fishing demonstrations and a yummy Saga blue cheese hamburger lunch.

I can see the grown-up Smith here

Grandfather/grandson fishing demo

Two of the three amigos

I should work for a greeting card company with a picture like this!

We ended up meeting a family who was trying to free their duck - they found a random, un-mom-ed egg at that very lake, so they took it home for it to hatch, not knowing what kind of fowl would come from it. Turned out to be a white duck! They named him Omelette - but he was taking no part of being released from his humans. He kept following them back to their car - they apparently have a pool in their backyard, so he swims all day then is caged outside at night so he won't get eaten by some predator.
Omelette and his mom

He loved jewelry - would nibble my rings

"Best burger EVER!"

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