Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last bit of catch-up photos

Last of the summer and into September!

We had peach picking on the agenda for August, but it was too late to pick them by the time we went. So we did Honeycrisp apples instead - so so good! I've made some applesauce with them, just delicious. So easy, too - some water, cut up apples, a little brown sugar and lemon. Done!

First day of school - 7th and 2nd grade! We've gotten into the nice habit of walking to school most days - sometimes Smith joins us. He suggested it for the first day of school.

 A dear, dear friend moved away - this was a going away brunch. Gonna miss her a ton. She is so silly and fun and ENGAGED with life! Such spirit. Love that Sonja.

September is Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness - we are family friends with a family going through the scariness and awfulness of childhood cancer. One thing all this has taught me is to GIVE and LOVE as much as you can all the time. The outpouring of love for this family, from people all over the world, truly, has been amazing. It is really something to see, and a positive thing to come from this scariness. Go Team Mathias!

Tate's on Academy soccer now, pre-travel. She loves it - it's a great program, really play-based instead of win-based. Smith is her warm up coach :-)

While I would always choose for Sonja to still be living here, we are the lucky recipients of their trampoline! This was hysterical, driving it on top of Brett's truck down a skinny little road! David called it the Urban Sombrero. We were the flashing light car in advance of his truck, and the kids and I were almost crying we were laughing so hard. The faces on the cars we passed were priceless.

Hobby Lobby opened near us! We bought a lamp we didn't even know we wanted, but who could resist the 50% off??

Okay, now on to current events. Nothing new to report yet...except this weather is amazing. Loving it. I need a screened in porch - need. NEED. The weather this time of year is part of what makes living here so great!

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  1. I noticed those ribbons on the meters on my walk this morning. Yay Leesburg!