Monday, May 27, 2013

Wine and Moms

A bunch of moms I know through Tate's grade all met up with the girls at a local winery. The girls ran, ran, ran - it was a dreary day, cool, but we moms huddled around a table with wine and a heater. Because the girls always seem to get badges for doing things, I made these for the moms to wear! Smith and his friend and his friend's mom ended up stopping by, and the boys were suddenly attacked by nine 7 year old girls. Seriously, Smith had a girl or eight attached to him at all times. Good sports, those boys. We had pistachios, crackers, Boursin, hummos - a great way to while away the afternoon. Both Tate and I were ready to go again the next day. This may become a standard summertime event!

Tate figured out a new way to play Cornhole. 

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  1. I hung my swap on my bulletin board. What a great time!