Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mom/Daughter Trip

A couple weekends ago, my mom and I took a trip, just the two of us, to Annapolis, Kent Island, and St. Michaels. It was wonderful!! We drove to Annapolis, walked around and stopped in stores, bought some delicious chocolate turtles as a pre-dinner snack, then drove to Kent Island. Our hotel was 1/8 of a mile from the restaurant, the wonderful Kent Narrows. Mom arranged the hotel, and at first, because of proms, weddings, Naval Academy's dance, we were going to stay in a hotel that had a highway overlook. But she persevered, as she always does, and we ended up with a water view just near the restaurant!

At the restaurant, there were maybe 25 prom couples. So nice to see all the pretty dresses! Most of the dates had matching bow ties and vests, and most the girls had dresses in shades of melon - oranges, pinks, etc. Dinner was delicious - cream of crab soup, salads, and, of course, delicious chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate bag.

The next day we headed towards St. Michaels with a slight detour at an outlet mall. We ended up there for 2 hours!! It was fun to walk around, no deadlines, no rushing, just doing whatever we wanted. Lucky for us, we're usually on the same page with shopping!

St. Michaels is a quaint little town - I guess I didn't remember that the water part of it isn't really noticeable unless you walk off the main street. We had lunch at Town Dock (I think that's the name of it??) - right on the water. What started as a cloudy, dreary day, suddenly became sunny and gorgeous. We shared a crab cobb salad and wine for lunch.

It was a great weekend, and we decided that this is our new birthday present to each other from now on. How nice to have no deadlines, no interrupted conversation. Definitely something to plan again...

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