Friday, May 24, 2013

Odds and ends

Smith started mowing the lawn. We kept saying he'd start when he was 10, then 11, but this will be the summer of 12 year old mowing. We worked out a mutually agreeable rate, so it's win-win. I told him that I kind of like mowing our lawn; it's small, takes about 25 minutes for me, and it's a nice time to kind of empty my head, not multi-task, zone out. He said, "Well, I'm in it for the money." Ha! He did say afterwards that it is rather relaxing, though.

Both kids are preparing for a run in Williamsburg. Smith is running with my brother, doing an 8k. The next day, my brother will be running a half marathon! Crazy. Tate's going to run a 1 mile fun-run for kids, no adults allowed! We go to the elementary school now and then to run them around the track. Smith does about a 10 minute mile which is apparently great - I think my mile would be 25+!! They both are fine with running, part of their day, etc. After the 8k, we will spend the whole day at Busch Gardens. The run comes with two BG tickets, and best of all, it's on Smith's birthday!! Such fun! He'll be fine - he runs 5ks all the time, and it's not a big deal for him.

I'm still mostly gluten free. I say mostly because I am not consciously eating or ordering anything with gluten, but if there are traces of it in something, I am not worrying too much. Did you know soy sauce has gluten? That kind of thing. I had some salad from Panera the other day while at a board meeting, and one of the things in the salad was almost a breaded onion thing in it. So that probably had gluten, but it was a side note. I'm also having traces of dairy, which I think may be more of an issue than I think. Blasted arthritis - so wish I didn't have it. I made these banana date muffins from the Gwyneth Paltrow book that were about as yummy as GF baking gets, I imagine. It's just different - different consistency, different texture. I imagine I'll get used to it and other things are fine, just the baked goods are very...meh. But they look pretty, don't they - with pepitas on top!

Spuddy, oh Spuddy. How I love you. He loves walking around and whimpering with stuffed animals in his mouth. I tell him how brave and strong and powerful he is, and I thank him for saving us from wild cheetahs. He is a dear, protecting us all. I'm not so sure about the Snoopy part - seems a little cannibal-like. They are both beagles, after all.

More later - my mom and I went on a weekend trip to Annapolis and St. Michaels and there are some pretty pictures from our time there. Also Smith just performed in a middle school band concert, and I'm signing off now to do a winery visit with friends and daughters that all just happen to be in the same Girl Scout troop. No Daisy vests allowed!!

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