Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blame it on the Rain...

Ahhh, Milli Vanilli. Remember them? We had a talent show in high school and two girls dressed up like them, hair, outfits, etc, and did that dance and kept running up to each other for that belly jump. Still makes me laugh!

Anyway, they have nothing to do with this, except we went camping this weekend, Girl Scout style, and it rained and rained. A LOT. All of Tate's troop and moms went - it was really, really fun. But by Saturday, it was not raining, although quite wet, but we were able to do stuff outside without getting wet!

We have plans to do this again in the fall, same troop. But maybe not a sponsored event, and at a non-GS campground, because, well, wine.

Before the trip, Tate was beside herself with excitement - she did a scavenger hunt in the house, with the letter "C" for camping in a path to "something that goes with camping." It ended in our pile of sleeping bags in the living room. Love her love for everything!

Pre-trip, our Great Leader, Tara, and I, made these awesome shirts. Tara taught me how to do silk screening - we made one for every girl in the troop, and one for the 3 leaders (Tara, Michelle, and me), but as usual, I left it at home. Sigh. I will wear it soon to a meeting so all the girls can sign mine!

Some pictures from the trip:

See how awesome Tara is? She let all the girls who wanted to try and light a match to do so - chaperoned fire!

Shirt signing

My favorite little girl!!

Sunday was Mother's Day, and I got spoiled rotten. David and the kids went out the day before to buy some provisions - gluten free pancake mix, fruit, etc. I was served breakfast in bed - actually we all ended up eating in bed as they couldn't get enough of the pancakes either! We then went to Smith's soccer game. They are a good team in that they have the least amount of scores against, and they talk to each other, and they pass, and and and...but we don't have any natural scorers. So while our scores against are low, we end up losing because we don't end up scoring any goals. Well, this Sunday was AMAZING. Not only did they play great, like they almost always do, WE WON!!!!!!! It was just the best. An amazing game, happy mom's, dad's and BOYS! Smith said he forgot how good it felt to win! At the end of the game, the boys each got a flower from our great team manager, and they came running across the field shouting "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"
faces blocked out to protect the innocent

My parents came to the game, and we met up with my brother, SIL and niece for a great lunch nearby afterwards. Mom and I even got to sit at the bar, just the two of us, for a fancy drink!

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Your troop leader is breaking an important fire safety rule by having that bandana dangling like that. Shame on her!

    Milli Vanilli! Hahaha!

    Loved that camp-out, rain and all.