Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm trying to eat green. Actually, I'm succeeding, which is pretty cool. I did a 10 day cleanse with Little Green, which is run by an old friend. We started in a playgroup together when our boys were about 6 months old. Wow - that was 11 and a half years ago!!

The cleanse started on April 20, and it's a whole food cleanse, so it eliminates gluten, dairy, caffeine, processed food, etc. I've stuck with it except for coffee...just added that back again yesterday. It's been good, energy level great, trying lots of new recipes, making easy, yummy stuff. I've lost a little weight which is a nice bonus.

A friend told me about this Clean Gut book, and how maybe it can help arthritis if you follow it. I feel like I'm on this weird path that's really like a confusing maze. I so want to have food be a key to why my arthritis acts up. Or, actually, I kind of don't. Well, not if it means gluten. Or cheese. Argh. If I'm being perfectly honest, I would give up foods that exacerbate pain. I would! But nobody really knows, right? So I'm eating really well right now, lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and non-gluten grains and fish. But this Clean book is saying that only to eat quinoa but not too much, and only berries for fruit, and do this and don't do that and ARGH! 

Guess I'll stick with this for at least a month, maybe longer, see what happens. My wrists still hurt but not as much. My energy level is good. I know I'm eating really well. So, what's the downside? Lack o'gluten. But I did find these...

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  1. This would be so hard for me. You are a rock star.