Thursday, May 9, 2013

On the needles

This is admittedly a bit weird. I just finished a GORGEOUS scarf. My mom bought me some yarn from some little sheepies in New Zealand when she went there. It is white with some gray, very fuzzy, and I did not know what the heck I was going to do with it. So my sharp-brained friend, Tara, told me to do a search for it on Ravelry (had NO idea to do that!) and I found this:

However, I did not have enough yarn to do the body and the ruffle, so I bought some charcoal gray with white (do you see where this is headed?) to make the ruffle. I was rather confused about how to do the ruffle, but YouTube and The Google helped me, along with Tara and her knitting guru friend, as always. So now I have this:

The weird part is that I have this warm and elegant wool scarf ready for...May. Ah well, it'll be fun to wear in the fall.

Just on my needles is this

Which will become my own version of this

which I may be making more of if they turn out as cute as this one. My niece has already said she thinks it'll be a good hat for Pittsburgh...


  1. I LOVE YOUR SCARF! And that hat is awesome. If I promise to call you before I wear it, can I make one, too?

  2. Absolutely!! Mine is that light blue, and I may add white and/or pale green. Go for it!