Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer waning

These last days of summer. We've met with friends at Shoe's, got a front row view of the 9/11 motorcycle parade (accidentally but a great sight to see!), gone to girl scout camp, soccer tournaments! And more is ahead - peach picking today and Watermelon Park Wednesday. So more pictures :-)

A public high school's turf field for Tate's festival soccer game

Just sitting around in a sari

The dreaded (although quite cute) Girl Scout SWAPS

Rocking the tutu

Taters doing flag duty at camp

Love her expression

Tiny snakes in our lodge - pretty sure we came upon a nest, as we removed several before we found these guys!

Smith wrapping up another aide before the aide parade. Leave it to the boys to wait until the last minute and then use toilet paper

After soccer ice cream visit

Dog cuddles...

...and smiles

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