Thursday, August 7, 2014


Whoa - it's AUGUST already. I had my work meeting in mid-July, and while away, Smith went to a UVA soccer camp, same one as last year. This year, though, it was him and 8 other kids from his team, 1 of whom is one of his best buddies. They had a blast. Our meeting was in Baltimore, so it was close but different enough to feel like we got away. Here are some photos of our early to mid-July.

Music at the Courthouse

Tate, sad/mad about me not having a chair for her

Goofball at the Adidas store - she kept running around things and peeking at me.

Tate's note to Smith because she wasn't joining us on our UVA drop off. She had gymnastics later that evening. She even gave him a lollipop! Giving candy away is a big deal for her.

Obligatory lunch in Charlottesville.

Good times - my meeting starting, at our bag stuffing "party." 

Job perk!

Looks gross, but was DELICIOUS - a soft pretzel with crab meat and some sort of cheese sauce.

Watching the World Cup while "working."

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