Monday, September 15, 2014

Smith Mountain Lake

One of our favorite places - Smith Mountain Lake. We did our usuals, Sheetz, lots of jet skiing, paddle boating, lake swimming, hammock dozing, ice cream eating. Brett and Kim came, too, which was really nice - Brett did a bunch of swimming with the kids in the lake, too. Kim and I did some hard-core paddle boating :-).

My favorite day/time was when the 4 of us took the pontoon boat to the bottom of the mountain, "parked" it, and spent the next 2+ hours eating lunch, jumping in the lake and back onto the boat again and again, and just having a great time. One time, there was a giant horsefly, and David pushed us all out of the way to jump in first. We kept joking that he was the captain, yet out FIRST. Very funny. 

It was a great end to a great summer. We came home on Monday of Labor Day, and got ourselves ready for the school year!

Apres Sheetz

Lunch and boat time

Riding to Mitchell's

Hammock time!

Smith's first catch of the trip

Extreme Paddle Boating

Guinea Fowl Posse

Homemade beekeeper suit after David got stung from standing on a bee's nest. He got about 15 stings. We found this great worksuit that was my great uncle's, and it was exactly David's size!

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