Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hilton Head, 2014

I left a day early from the Baltimore meeting and grabbed the kids from my parents house. They typically go with my parents to HHI while we are away, so I hadn't been there in a few years.

This year, though, just the 3 of us drove off to Hilton Head! I think the reason I enjoyed this so much this year is because I always feel like I ignore them during my pre-meeting time. I feel like I got a better handle on it this year (in conjunction with them/Tate being older and easier to deal with during deadlines). Being away with them, and in the car with them for 10 hours, I felt like we got back on track. We had a lot of fun just going to the beach, riding bikes EVERYWHERE, eating at the special places that they love and that I remember from my, now, 33 years going to the Island. Wow.

Starting out the road trip with Sheetz, as always!

Oddest rest stop ever - they had a bunch of taxidermy-ed animals there, somewhere in NC, like a boar, jaguar, mountain lion, etc. Very strange.

10 hours later, in the water! We met some family friends at the beach so Tate and their 8 year old could hang out together for the only overlap of the trip. 

Frog! (Toad?)

Tate made us lunch!

Smiley cheeseface

Harbour Town

I think this is my favorite picture.

The loggerhead sea turtle nest that my parents sponsor for the kids - theirs was at the beach club - in the middle of everything!

Tiny crab - can you spot it?

SHARK! Caught feet from where we were swimming. Reef shark, I believe, a young one.

Skink with a blue tail!

Creepy crab on the house. We thought it was a spider at first, which was somehow freakier. My dad saw the picture and thinks it's a tree crab, which he was all excited about, as they are hard to find. *shudder.*

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