Friday, August 1, 2014


Tate was the first to get into the "over 8" juggle group for soccer - she got a pin from her coach. Big deal for her, and good reward for hard work.

She also is at her first sleep away at her gymnastics place tonight. Her whole group (wide age-range) gets pizza, free time, movie, sleep on the mats, then donuts in the morning. How fun is that? She is the youngest age group there, with I think her being the absolute youngest kid there. She was nervous going in - is my bag the right size, what are the other girls wearing. She was perfect. Would have been perfect even if her bag was different. I get it, though. She wants to fit in. Sometimes she's happy being the crazy, different one, and sometimes, it's easier to be part of the crowd.

Little glimpses into a bigger girl.

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