Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Childhood and parenting

Love this post:

So much of what I've been thinking about lately. Sometimes when I am doing things with the kids, I wonder what, if anything, they will remember of what we are doing. And it's okay if they don't remember -because somewhere in their collective growing up, this "whatever" will be tucked away, as a memory or a stepping stone to helping them become who they will be. Every meal out, every trip to the museum, every adventure, every book read will become part of who they are.

I certainly do not remember every trip I went on, every memory that I'm sure my parents would wish I would remember, but I do know that I love to travel, love adventures, love picnics, love books - and every one of those things we did as a family in my household growing up. We ate dinner together almost every night. We talked. We enjoyed each other.

We do that now in our household, and I hope some day my children will carry on these things with their children, and somewhere in the deep (or not so deep!) recesses of their brain, they'll make a note of a spark of happiness in their childhood.

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