Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My sweet (baby) boy!

He's 10! TEN! Ten.

Ten years ago today, David and I had this beautiful boy. He was then, and most certainly is now, everything we could have ever hoped for in a son - warm, thoughtful (in both senses!), kind, beautiful, smart, fun, funny, flexible, EASY. His patience and love for his sister is a beautiful thing to watch. It's not even patience - it's just, them. She asks a question, he answers it fully and helpfully, and is sure she gets it. He loves to read, to draw, to play the Wii, to play soccer, be outdoors, play piano. He's friendly and kind to "the little guy".

We celebrated the day with jammy scones for breakfast, the opening of gifts, lunch at Chipotle, visit to Border's for the entire Artemis Fowl series, soccer, the release of ladybugs at the garden, then Cold Stone! Mmmm. Great day, Smith was HAPPY which he deserves.

He makes me proud every day. I'm proud to be his mom, to share this life with him, to walk alongside him and see what he sees. I am lucky indeed.

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