Sunday, June 12, 2011


Pictures a day! We've been on it! I've even handed over my camera to my budding photographer - she took some good pictures, and it is so interesting to see the world through her eyes.

Smith, on "Crazy Hair Pajama Day". His hair could not have been more stiff - we used a palm full of gel:

Tate pictures at the garden - I'm impressed by the first one, the artistic shot. She really can take some good pictures. The second one, I liked because of her foot in the shot - a common Tate element. Love that girl.

Grammy's visit - a hot, hot, hot June weekend watching soccer. Tate and Smith are thrilled to have her here.

Visiting the garden for weeding and watering - the kids and Grammy threw a ball around (NO SOCCER for now - phew!). 4 of my 6 tomato plants have green tomatoes now! Yahoo!! I keep forgetting to bring my sweet small pumpkin seeds. I think we missed the snap pea window - gotta pull up those babies and put something else in. I think we'll be by Bluemont soon because 5 of David's 15 pepper plants did not make it. Dill, pumpkins - that should do it for me. The carrots, cukes, tomatoes, basil and parsley are all doing great!  

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