Friday, June 17, 2011


I tried to teach my child with books, He gave me only puzzled looks. I tried to teach my child with words, They passed him by often unheard. Despairingly I turned aside, How shall I teach this child, I cried. Into my hands he put the key, “Come”, he said, “play with me!” 
-Author Unknown

A reminder to me to put away this laptop, the phone, the distractions and DO with my child. Play, Run, Tickle, Create, LISTEN. That last one is one that gives me the most trouble - to listen. To really sit down, focus, and listen, to whatever they are choosing to share with me.

Smith's piano recital - this was "Tarantella" and he did a FABULOUS job if I say so myself! He's only been playing since October 2010!

Soccer party for the Silver team, bunch of Huck Finn's. We had a major rain where we stood holding metal tent poles during lightening (?!?!), then there was all this gooey, wonderful mud for the kids to revel in. I had to throw away Tate's shorts, they were so bad!

Smith was sad about possibly going to Hershey Park instead of Great Wolf Lodge, so Tate drew these pictures for him and slid them under his door. The first one is a picture of her giving him a hug - the arms drawn like that represent her hug, and the second is him with tears. She did these all by herself, so sweet. To put things into perspective, he is not a spoiled, entitled child, but so tired and ready for the end of school, soccer, responsibility. He went briefly insane. But that sibling love - isn't it the sweetest??

Last day of school party!! We did a water balloon toss - the weather held and it was delightful outside! Woohoo, no more classes, no more books! No more teacher's dirty looks! We're done for summer!!!!!!

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  1. Such a beautiful post. I so often have the feeling to just put it all done, and just be with my children. Thank you for the reminder.