Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Run

We've worked out a deal this summer - David's idea, actually - to earn "screen" time. They automatically get 30 minutes a day (it's their preferred method of down-time). Smith can practice the piano or run 3 times around the block (equals a mile) to get his screen time. Tate can practice her letters for 20 minutes or walk with me and the dogs around the block.

An unintended benefit has been that Tate has started running with Smith! She is the girl that runs instead of walking anyway, so it hasn't been hard for her to keep up with him. But to see her not just running but throwing in a couple of skips, or a flying leap, while keeping up with big brother is quite something. I've never been a runner, but appreciate the sport, so I'm glad to see my children participating in something good for them like this.

More summer fun pictures to come. We've had a lot of fun this last week - zoo, Theatre in the Woods, pool, tubing...I'm exhausted!

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