Sunday, May 4, 2014

Too much!

This past week was a blur. Kids had their normal stuff, plus work is BUSY. Tate's school's Variety Show was performing Friday night so we had dress rehearsal Thursday, at the same time as my mother in law was flying in for a visit, and at the same time as Smith and David's soccer practice. She had to take a taxi in, and while she is easygoing and said it wasn't a big deal, I felt really bad about it.

There were a lot of issues with the sound system at the school, so practice was 3 hours instead of 2. I was in charge of kid control - getting the acts ready for backstage and giving out the evil eye as necessary to keep them quiet.

Friday, after my barre class and my first haircut of 2014 (!!), it was time to take Domo to a necessary unscheduled vet visit - he had a few gross puppy things going on. So, that ended up on the agenda. We didn't get to go see places she may want to live in on Friday, as after we got a yummy lunch at Panera, it was just about time for me to drop her off and go volunteer in Tate's class.

We had a friend's three kids over after school so I could get them all fed before the show. We went off, and helped coordinate the chaos. The show and all the hard work paid off - it was seamless from the pleasure side of the curtain. The sound was great, the work backstage looked effortless. Smith and one of his best buddies were back there helping, too. In fact, they were also part of Tate's act - they were the background donuts!

Saturday was Tate's soccer game in the morning, then we looked at nearby condos for my MIL, then her tryouts for Travel in the evening. David evaluated the boys tryouts.

Sunday was the Brownie Art Show - we have a great troop and parents - one parent is the artist, so she worked with the girls to create their pieces. Another mom and her family own the winery where we had the event. And then the leader, TARA HOLT, is just the best. She organizes all these kids and parents and creates fun and personal growth and happiness. We are all lucky to have her!!

My parents got there, just a little after 4 teachers from the school came to see the art. How cool is that - their teachers came!! My parents and MIL and I sat together to drink some wine and relax afterwards, while a few girls played around on the grounds.

Long recap - what a full 4 days. This week will be "regular" busy.

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