Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break, 2nd Half

We had a great week. We visited Cassidy in Pittsburgh, we went to the dog park (again and again!), we hung out as a family, we saw my parents and grandmom both in Pittsburgh and for Easter. It was a (mostly) relaxing, family-oriented break, and it was great.

The kids are ready for summer break.

I am not.

Pittsburgh, here we come!

Eating before the show

The AMAZING dancer!!! (and Flat Stanley - he joined us for many events)

Declared the "best breakfast ever" by Tate, who got platefuls of breakfast food

Cartwheeling through Point Park

Very cold water

Yes, that was for one night.

Lots of tunnels, which we now know freak Smith out.

Cold soda room in Sheetz. It's always a party with us.

Office time

Making new friends

Domo was attacking the soccer ball - when he couldn't get that, he went straight for the ankles.

Tate wrapping up his leg. He's a good sport.

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