Sunday, May 4, 2014

7th Graders are actually pretty cool!

Smith taking a selfie with Honest Abe

DC War Memorial Museum (??)

Didn't lose any of them!

MLK - disappointing memorial for such an amazing historical figure

I recently went on Smith's 7th grade field trip to see the monuments in DC. I was very pleasantly surprised about my group of 8 boys. First, Smith introduced me to all the boys in his group, we got on the bus, and we were off. When we got there, two of the boys in particular were intent on keeping track of the other 6 and me. They made my job much easier.

We started at the Lincoln Memorial, then to Vietnam, World War II, Korean War, had lunch in the DC Warm Memorial (who knew that one even existed??), Martin Luther King, Jr, and finally FDR. That one is my favorite - I have been to all of those except the MLK one before (which I didn't care for), and good thing because even though I had 2 helpers, I was still constantly counting 12345678, 12345678, making sure I had them all.

What a difference of the kids in 7th grade. The size differences in the boys is huge - Smith is on the smaller side, but with a lot of people in his size group. Then there are the 6'2" guys. And the girls! My goodness, many of them look like they are already in high school.

Great trip, glad that my son still is okay with me being around. I sure like that kid.

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