Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow Days!

Lots of snow in these here parts. The kids ended up having a week (A WEEK) off of school due to this one. We ended up with about 5-6"which causes a lot of ice and heartache around here. And, sadly, it was too cold to sled. Except for the first day, when it started snowing. We went, and lasted maybe 30 minutes. The snow was going horizontally. COLD!!

After the whole week was called off, we tried to figure out things to do. I went to work one day (was really nice to get my head into another gear), and a friend and I went to Air & Space another day to let the kids run around. It was empty! We had the whole place almost to ourselves. Apparently all the kids in the county went roller skating (which was another option).

More snow is in our forecast. Lots.

Smith's negotiations need some honing, as he finished the driveway and THEN asked for payment.

Pup of the Mountain

Peacefully (for now) cohabitating

Yummy "mug cupcakes" that the kids make. Good on a cold day.

Space shuttle

One of the boys called this an American Girl doll. Hilarious. 
It was actually a creepy replica of Charles Lindbergh.

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