Friday, February 14, 2014

Last week

Before I head on into the Snowpocolypse, here are some scenes from last week. With the ice being heavy, we ventured out to the indoor pool for some swimming (not me, I don't care for the pool so much. I think I like going to the pool even far less in the winter, thinking about going outside with wet hair...). Tate loved it, though!

David headed out of town for work, and we made jammy scones (YUM! This is a recipe from Smith's preschool - it was a co-op and they had the kids bake or make food once a week at age 2. This was a standout favorite!) We also made salt dough hearts for Tate's class to paint for their Valentine's Party. And more mug cakes. 

We went to see the Lego movie, which was very cute! It was slow in some parts, but overall I really liked it. Kids did, too. It was packed! Second day in the theater...

Sunday was cold and snowy. Smith still had soccer practice outdoors. They both had friends over, which was fun for them. And they trampolined! CRAZY cold outside. It was a good weekend - lots of activity, lots of lazing about. Good stuff.

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