Sunday, February 2, 2014


Smith went on his first ever ski trip with his school Friday and he loved it! He will be going several more times, and we hope to go as a family sometime soon. We certainly have the conditions for it!

Tate's school had their bingo night. Tate got bingo! This was choice number 1, then she switched it later in the night, then regretted her second choice. Ah, 7. Funny thing was that Smith won bingo when he was about 7, and got a Black Lagoon book, too! Choices were purely theirs. She ended up with one of those awful Rainbow Fairy books - luckily she reads them to herself, as they are just terrible.

We saw my parents this weekend; they hadn't met Domo yet, and wanted to meet him before he left puppyhood. He was awesome, as usual. He is so sweet - so friendly, loves humans. We took the ferry to meet them. It was the first day it was open since all the recent cold weather - the ice along the shore was so pretty. 

And then, this. Puppies driving are just not safe. Yes, he looks like he has a handle on it, but he's only 4 months old! He isn't Toonces, after all.

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