Friday, January 31, 2014

Off my needles (and hooks)

It's been a fairly productive January - we've had some cold, LOTS of snow days, and I've had a little more time to enjoy sitting in the evening with David, and knitting. Not David. He doesn't knit.

One of my favorite yarns that I bought in Rhinebeck was finally put to good use. I found this pattern, and it just looked like it was meant to be. I love it! And the varied hues of the blues in the yarn just make me so happy, and the yarn even still smells like sheep. In a good way.

I also got green and blue flecky yarn and made these Toasty wrist warmers. David thinks I look like a homeless person when I wear these. Perhaps...but an AWESOME homeless person.

My friend Tara and I, went to a Sip and Sew (& Knit) at a local coffee shop a while back - in early January. Seems like ages ago. It was really fun, and we made mug warmers! Another ridiculous thing to cover coffee vessels, but it makes me very happy. I love the natural colors of this - we could choose purple or green or this, and Tara made a green one which was gorgeous. I suppose I needed a little neutral in my life :-)

Awesome leaf pattern on my yummy latte at the knitting place

My friend Jane wanted me to make a hat like the one I made myself, but with a PINK flower. I hadn't made one of these flowers before, and I actually only half made it, but I loved how it turned out without all the extra stuff on it.

I have a few wants on my list now. I'm working on a small crochet project that is just about done, and I want to try a sweater. I like this one, and this one. We'll see...

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