Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dwindling snow and oncoming SPRING!

It feels like SPRING is here. We've had a glorious week of SUN and WARMTH and SNOWMELT and very very soggy lawns. Mud prints in the house. It's okay, though, as the sunshine makes it all okay. (I'm ignoring the Tuesday forecast of more snow.)

Today it sounded like Hilton Head outside. Birds chirping. I love snow, but am ready for green and birds and flower shoots.

Here are some highlights of the last week or so.

Last snow sledding of the season (please?!?)

Finishing up Tate's Valentines. We had a little more time to work on them with the snowdays. Valentine, you're POMtastic!

Mt. Domo

Cute son and dog shot

Domo with his Magic Carrot. My grandmom (GG) gave this to him, and he LOVES it.

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!! Woohoo! Girls sold 118 cookies in 2 hours, outside a craft shop. It was a gorgeous 60 degrees.

This is my niece, about to do a performance. Doesn't she look like a 40s movie star? She's on the right, with the gloves on her bottom...

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