Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Domo the Pup!

Well, we got him! Domo, the loving, sweet, biting, spastic, adorable puppy. All 4 of us are in love. He attacks your feet as you walk past, then he snuggles in your lap and goes to sleep. The kids are super crazy about him, walking him, taking care of accidents in the house, playing with him. It's fun, and EXHAUSTING, having a pup.

Spud is slowly starting to approve - for the last three days, he's initiated play out back, nipping Domo and then running off, wagging and ready to pounce. Last night was the first time he's wanted to play inside the house - typically it's been Domo walking by Spud and Spud growling. We're getting there...slowly but surely.

At the breeder, Tate surrounded by Yorkies. She is apparently a Yorkie whisperer. 
You can't quite tell, but she had four on her lap in this picture.


This is his mole picture.

Settling in nicely - guess he feels safe!

Into and ON everything!


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