Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Texas and NO SCHOOL

(Very) shortly after the New Year, David and I were off to Austin, Texas. We have an annual conference in early January every year, this time in Austin. I'd never been before - I'm not sure I can say I've really been now, as we mostly saw the inside of the hotel! We did get two nice dinners out (Italian and Tex-Mex with some DELICIOUS prickly pear margaritas), and a walk down 6th Avenue in the evening, with all the bouncers begging us to come in by offering us free shots, delicious Long Island Iced Teas, etc.

Coolest vacuum EVER

6th Avenue/Street, whatever, the "cool" part of Austin

The meeting is exhausting - long hours (6am-7pm), standing on your feet, etc. My niece came, too, and worked the desk with us. She and I flew home together on Sunday evening. Well, it was barely Sunday evening by the time the plane got there. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5pm, but with crazy weather in New England several days before, the whole country was in an uproar with flying. We stood in a very long line at ticketing where we tried to figure out what the heck was going on with a crazy mural - really weird stuff. Our 5pm flight finally arrived and was ready for us by 11pm, getting us back home by 3am. What a day! But Cassidy and I know how to have fun in any situation, so it was not bad at all. Nothing is bad when I'm with her!

What is he throwing? And why? And is she trying to stop him or be part of it? 

Kissable armadillo

Very, very tired, but finally on the plane.

Getting home, we had record cold days, so school was cancelled Monday and Tuesday. I was EXHAUSTED. My ramp up to busy-ness starts in late October, and so by the time this meeting was over, I needed a break. Tate was so sweet and made us all breakfast. And lunch. We went to the park and walked on the ice. It was good.

She even cut bendy straws so they would fit in the tiny fancy glasses.

Our lunch menu :-)

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