Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Roller skating, PUPPY PICKING, puddle stomping, New Year's Eve, snow. 
What a way to end 2013!!

We are picking up our newest addition to the family this Saturday. A new BULLDOG!!! His name is Domo, and boy he is a cutie. He wanted to be in our laps, snuggling, sleeping, playing, eating our zippers, wanting to be on us. In fact, when we were about to leave, he left his brother, mother and aunt and raced (while tripping over his giant paws) to us at our car for one more goodbye! We left him there for another two weeks to get more growing in, and because we were away in Texas. So meanwhile, David and I alternate between JOY and TERROR with having a new puppy in the house - the kids are all JOY. 

Ohhhh - look at that FACE!!!

New Year's Eve, we did our typical. Smith and David make their own sushi and Tate and I make calzones. Yum! They didn't even bother to cut the sushi into rolls this time, but just ate them as sushi sticks. Midnight couldn't come fast enough if you ask me - I was tired. It was nice snuggling with my people and watching terrible tv. But we made it! We waited until the ball dropped, and it was fun counting down as LOUD AS WE COULD and hugging and kissing into the New Year.

The Thursday after New Year's we had an unexpected snow storm. Well, we expected snow, but around 1", not the 5" we actually got. It was so pretty!!

2013 was a good year. I think if I were to work out how I want things to be different or the same in 2014, I would work on trying to do less. Making the things I do agree to matter more. Like the holidays (still so fresh!) - it is such a busy time for me for work, and to add all the extra stuff just makes it so complicated and intense. I'd like to think of different ways to make that time better. Maybe doing more earlier so December is ONLY about the joy part and little about the purchasing part. Easy to say, but I imagine it's going to be the same anyway!

I have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot to appreciate when I see the last 12 months of pictures. Two kids that are happy and healthy, a solid marriage, adventures, laughter, friendships. Not sure there is a whole lot to change.

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