Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dog Sledding

We went Dog Sledding! It was with Tate's Brownie troop. We had money from our cookie sales last year, and this is what the girls decided to do. It was a six month wait, but was it ever worth it!

We met at 5:30am in a park in town, then caravanned two hours away to almost York, Pennsylvania. It is a husband/wife team that has 8 dogs, 6 of whom pull the sled. The girls got to meet the dogs, pet, get kisses from, and then get pulled by these great dogs. Bonus for us was the first day of sun and gorgeousness after a full week of hard rain at home. 

Each girl got to ride for half a mile - so we had three stations, one at the start, one half mile in and one at the one mile mark. Six of us walked all the way to the mile mark to be the third station. We were so happy we did so - there was a beautiful horse farm with chickens, ducks, roosters, mini rescue ponies, and a dog. It was another bonus on top of the dog bonus!



Tate and Juliet

This guy was loud!

The dog sled - parents didn't get to go on, but we stood on it while he turned the dogs around. 

The whole team

Tate's favorite, Acadia. What a sweet girl.

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