Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shutdown

I am trying to not be a Democrat or Republican on this...I honestly don't watch or read enough of the news to sound intelligent on many political subjects. So instead I talked with my in-house political correspondent, David, last night, who leans opposite of the way I lean, although he is anti-democrat OR republican now with all the garbage they both put us through.

I am definitely a Democrat. Mostly moderate. My perspective is that the Republicans don't like the Affordable Care Act, which, by the way, is a LAW (voted and passed in 2009, then upheld by the Supreme Court), so they are stalling the actual implementation of the law by doing a partial government shutdown (weird to say partial, but it's all non-essential employees). However, the implementation started yesterday anyway.

Now the Republicans are saying none of the Democrats will negotiate with them. But why do they need to negotiate? Isn't this already a law? So is it that the Republicans are wanting to negotiate but they do not have any leg to stand on? If this is all true, isn't the shutdown the fault of the Republicans?

I'm having a very hard time seeing that the Republicans are in the right (haha, pun not intended!).

Here is a clip from John Stewart regarding all this.

Would love to hear other opinions...

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  1. Sorry, preaching to the choir here! I would love to see the rules of the game changed so that neither side can attach unrelated stuff (or even related stuff) to votes. Separate issues need to be debated and voted on separately. This ability to hold things hostage over another matter is what infuriates me the most about the majority of what goes on in Congress (well, that and lobbies but don't get me started). Both sides are guilty overall, but in this particular instance it's absolutely the Republicans holding the budget vote hostage.